Looking For A PC Optimizer?

A PC optimizer is a program that offers one-stop pc maintenance solution and optimize computer by fixing registry and system errors, cleaning up junks from your hard drive, tweaking your computer for stable performance, etc.

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 Why use a good PC Optimizer?

Using a top PC Optimization Software is the easiest way for Windows users to maintain Windows systems so as to avoid and fix serious pc problems, and improve PC performance. With a few clicks on the interface, you can easily get your computer back in a good shape and make it run as fast as it can.

But Beware! There are also thousands of third-class and scam utilities on the internet. It is not easy for average PC users to separate the best ones from the terrible ones. It is not a rare case that people incautiously install a terrible system tool on their computers and end up with computer crashing. Let alone tuning up your computer for optimal performance.

So it is critical for you to carefully compare and select a good PC optimizer other than incautiously.

What Is the Best PC Optimization Tool?

There are thousands of similar products out there on the web. Some offers more comprehensive system maintenance with more functions. And the effectiveness of different software varies a lot. It is a little hard for most people to find out which program has the most comprehensive maintenance and best optimization effect.

We have tested and compared a dozens of computer optimization tools from every aspect. And the report shows that Registry Easy outperforms other utilities and comes in first, followed by Registry Winner and then Advanced PC Tweaker.




Registry Easy

Registry Winner

PC Tweaker

Over Rating




Fix & Repair












PC Tools










Fix &Repair

Registry Easy

Reigstry Winner

PC Tweaker

Deep Scan

Registry Scan/Repair

Junks Cleanup

IE Repair

Error Fix

ActiveX Block/Register

WinSock2 Repair

Evidence Cleaner


PC Optimization

Registry Easy

Registry Winner

PC Tweaker

System Optimizer

Internet Optimization

Memory Tweak

Startup Manager

Uninstall Manager



Registry Easy

Registry Winner

PC Tweaker


Restore Point

Folder & Files




Registry Easy

Registry Winner

PC Tweaker

File Recovery

Password Recovery

File Shredder

Duplicate File Removal



In the test, Registry Easy is the Best PC Optimizer!



(Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003 & 2000)

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Registry Easy

Best PC Optimizer Registry Easy is the best optimization tool in the test! Backed up by the industry-leading Windows system repair and optimizing technology, Registry Easy almost comes in first in every aspect, making itself stand out from numerous competitors.


Download Registry EasyThere are rumors which say Registry Easy is scam or malware. We have tested thoroughly and give you our word that Registry Easy is 100% safe. It is one of the top system maintenance tools on the internet.  

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Registry Error Repair

In terms of registry maintenance, Registry Easy uses a High-Performance Detection Algorithm which enables it to thoroughly scan your entire registry including all the 17 sensitive areas, and detect missing/invalid registry keys/entries/paths.

After a quick scan, the exported report will list in detail all the detected registry errors which you may even not be aware of. With a simple click on Repair button from you, it will fix all the registry errors automatically, eliminating all potential threads to your system. It makes the registry repair really easy!

Scan and Fix Registry Errors

System Repair

Apart from the most powerful registry repair in the industry, it is embedded with powerful System Utilities, enabling you to clean up junk files on your hard drive, fix runtime errors, disable unnecessary startup programs, block and reregister ActiveX, remove stubborn and corrupted programs with ease, and the forth.

In addition, Registry Easy also does well in the Internet Explorer Maintenance. With the IE tools, you can manage plug-ins/toolbars and restore your IE to original state so as to keep your IE stable and running at higher speed.


Effective System Optimization

Besides the powerful repair functionalities, Registry Easy optimizes your computer to optimal performance by switching your computer to different ideal work models as you want, releasing RAM memory resources, optimizing Internet speed and so on.

Optimize Your System Effectively 


Apart from the System/Registry Backup and Restore that most system utilities offer just in case of unrepairable problems, Registry Easy also offers favorite/folder backup which allows you to back up your important files and bookmarks in Internet Explorer.

Furthermore, the newly added feature tools, File Recovery and Password Recovery, allows you to recover your files that were deleted mistakenly and your forgotten passwords for Windows accounts, Microsoft office, MSN, Google Talk, and so on.

Moreover, the Customer support is also a great part of the software. You can get quick assistance from the Professional Technical support team, when you come up against problems that you cannot handle by yourself.


Overall Review:

Registry Easy is an all-in-one pc maintenance package for Windows users. Integrated with the High-Performance Registry Error Detection Technology, as well as industry-leading system error repair and maintenance tools, Registry Easy is able to help you fix any Registry and system errors, and improve your Computer Performance.

Registry Easy is the No.1 Computer Optimizer!

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Operating System:
Windows 7/Vista/XP

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Registry Winner

Top PC Optimizer Registry Winner is the second recommended system optimization software. It is a feature-rich system utility which not only offer fast, effective registry scanning, but also features various useful tools for PC repair and maintenance.


Download Registry Winner We have tested thoroughly and give you our word that Registry Winner is 100% safe. It is one of the top system maintenance tools on the internet.  

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Registry Scan and Repair

Scan and Fix Registry Errors

In terms of registry cleaning, Registry Winner is able to scan your whole registry in a very short time. It is much faster and more effective than over 90% competitors on the internet. The fast scanning speed and performance really surprised us.

Apart from fast, effective registry scan and repair, Registry Winner offers Registry Defragger which most registry cleaners are not integrated with. It moves your registry parts into one piece, optimizing registry access speed so as to make your computer respond much faster.


System Optimization

Opitmize Your Computer

In addition, Registry Winner is embedded with various system maintenance and optimization tools which enables you to repair your IE problems, clean up evidence, remove junk files and duplicate files, defrag your hard drive much faster, uninstall unwanted programs, disable redundant startup programs for quicker system boot, and block dangerous ActiveX, so as to make your computer much safer and more stable.

Like Registry Easy, Registry Winner also offers you multiple Speed-Up Tools, enabling you to tune up RAM usage, accelerate your system and internet speed. Running Registry Winner on a regular basis will boost your system performance.


Full Backup and Restore

Moreover, Registry Winner also offers you with full Backup/Restore function for your System, Registry and Important files. Furthermore, it allows you to back up your drivers. You can easily restore your system/registry/drivers/important files when problem occur.


Unique Feature

Windows and Program Update is the unique feature of Registry Winner. The automatic update of your Windows and programs will make sure your computer safe from latest virus, more stable and faster!


Overall Reviews:

In terms of Registry scan/detection technology, Registry Winner still needs to improve to outcompete Registry Easy. But that doesn’t prevent it from becoming one of the best registry cleaners. It is a feature-rich Windows system maintenance and optimization tool which can help you take good care of your computer, making your computer stable and always run at high speed.

Registry Winner is our second recommended PC Optimizer!

Download Registry Winner Operating System:
Windows 7/Vista/XP/2003/2000 

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Advanced PC Tweaker

Top PC Optimizer Advanced PC Tweaker is the third recommended system optimizer. It is an award-winning system optimizer which is famous for its results-oriented solutions to registry error repair and rich built-in utilities for pc optimization.


We have tested thoroughly and give you our word that Advanced PC Tweaker is 100% safe. It is one of the top system maintenance tools on the internet.

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Scan and Fix Registry Errors

The high-effective detection algorithm that Advanced PC Tweaker uses can easily scan in depth and detect empty, invalid, corrupted registry keys/entries/paths in your system. After a thorough scan, it exports a detailed report which shows information of detected errors in your registry. With a few clicks, you can instantly get rid of all the troubles with ease.

Scan and Repair Registry


System Repair and Optimization

As for system optimization, Advanced PC Tweaker offers a variety of powerful System Optimizing tools, allowing you to fix IE problems, clean up junks and duplicate files, remove unwanted files, disable unnecessary startup items for faster Windows boot, uninstall any wanted programs easily and safely, tweak RAM, and the like, to optimize your computer from all sides for the optimal performance.

In addition, Advanced PC Tweaker is integrated with comprehensive System/Registry Backup function which enable you to back up and restore your system and Registry just in case of any unrepairable errors. But it doesn’t offer file backup as Registry Easy.

Along with the highly-effective registry repair and powerful optimization tools, Advanced PC Tweaker offers Professional Technical support to their users. You can get quick assistance from the support team when you are in trouble.


Unique Feature

What we love most is the embedded One-Click Tweak of Advanced PC Tweaker. The One-Click Tweak enables you to quickly fix registry and system errors, and complete PC optimization with only one click. You don’t have to waste your time in going through the hassles of resolving the problems one by one.


One Click Tweak


Overall Reviews:

With the result-oriented registry repair solution and powerful embedded PC optimization utilities, Advanced PC Tweaker is able to help you fix any errors caused by registry and improve your computer performance by 80%. But, to outperform Registry Easy, it still has a long way to go and need to enhance its scanning technology.

Advanced PC Tweaker is No.2 PC Optimizer!

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Operating System: 
Windows 7/Vista/XP

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